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Sergei Plaxienko

Create solutions, solve problems

Phone:  +7 (905) 935-29-18 / +7 (903) 516-33-58

Work Experience:
April 2004 - Present time

Belon Novosibirsk, Russia
  • Belon is one of the largest companies of the West Siberian region of Russia and it works on the coal and metal markets since it was established in 1991. Belon group of companies consists of integrated businesses and includes coal mining, processing, transportation, trade and management divisions. The main areas are: energy and coking coal production and deep mining, concentrated coal processing and rolled metal trade.
  • Development of the IT strategy, taking into consideration business tasks and problems across whole company, requirements and company’s strategy plan.
  • Development and deployment of IT department structures, including distant offices and units. Definition of key performance indicators. Teamwork organization.
  • Development of standards, regulations and procedures, including the plan of IT infrastructure security increase. Development of infrastructure modernization plan, including telecommunication.
  • Department’s budget planning, cost management and finance controlling. IT service costs minimization. Work with suppliers and service providers, including service levels and conditions negotiations.
  • Clarification and development of requirements for the ERP-class system. Projects deployment prioritization.

November 2002 - December 2003

Top-Kniga Novosibirsk, Russia
  • The company "Top-Kniga" was founded in 1995 and by now it has the largest and widest wholesale and retail national book’s selling network. It includes bookshops, warehouses, distribution centers, offices, etc.
  • Organization of the new IT department by integration of all IT groups and units of company’s departments what were functioning separated, uncoordinated, often duplicate the same tasks and practically were out of any central control. Definition of organizational and functional structures of department within the whole company.
  • Establishment the management system, coordination and control of all IT units. Definition of main areas of department: IT infrastructure administration, end-users helpdesk and information systems support, software and systems development. Functions division in department: administratively, territorial and psychologically. Systematization and development of the work system, including doc and workflow processes. Teamwork organization within well-integrated information system.
  • Development and deployment of the IT strategy. Taking into consideration business tasks and problems, requirements and company’s strategy plans.
  • Development and deployment of information security policy, software development rules, standards and regulations for internal IT services, etc.
  • Launch Helpdesk and Support services from the scratch, including tasks definition, recruitment and education. Ensuring of uninterrupted work of the whole IT infrastructure and systems.
  • Department’s budget planning and finance controlling. Minimization of IT service costs. Work with suppliers and service providers, including service levels and conditions negotiations, contract’s signing and so forth.
  • Prove for the top-management of company a necessity of ERP-class system deployment. Development of requirements and specification for the most efficient choice of ERP-class system, including peculiar properties of business, tasks, problems and company’s strategy. Launch ERP project.
  • Work in the Board of Directors, the Strategy planning group, etc.
  • As a consequence of “internal PR” and change management, all structural, administrative and technological changes in the company and in the IT department were accomplished in the maximum “painless” way for all employees, and with maximum efficiency for business.
  • At the present time IT department is the essential and imperative part of the company, what develops, deploys and provides IT solutions for the new competitive advantages within whole company, including by means of automation of business processes.

July 2000 - June 2002

ROCE Partners AB Stockholm, Sweden/Helsinki, Finland
Senior Data/Systems Integration Consultant
  • Master Planning (i2's e-business Supply Chain Management (SCM) implementation) as part of the Nokia's enterprise GlobeN project. Create solution designs for Product family grouping, Opening stock (on hand level) data from SAP R/3, Cross regional shipments, Subcontractor netting, Forecast netting, etc, and implement them for i2's Supply Chain Planner & Active Datawarehouse using Oracle PL/SQL procedures and SQL coding.
  • Collaborative Planning (i2's e-business Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) implementation) as part of the Nokia's enterprise GlobeN project. Create solution design for Demand Visibility data workflow integration (where sources are Nokia's and Contract Manufacturers' SAP R/3 and WebUIs) and implement it for i2's e-Procurement Collaboration & Active Datawarehouse using Oracle PL/SQL procedures, SQL coding and Unix shell scripting.
  • Re-design and development for Material Requirement Explosion project (part of the Nokia's enterprise GlobeN project) the EDMS BOM input file processing from SAP R/3 by the latest versions of BOM to Bussines Datawarehouse using perl coding and Oracle SQL*Loader. Load time improved from few hours to less than one minute.
  • Participated as the Data/Systems Integration Expert in the demo project for one of the biggest Swedish steel company for advising the creation team from a technical perspective.
  • Project documentation and structuring of the project environments (Project "cleaning") for DUNI's (Swedish manufacturer of kitchen-ware) enterprise implementation of i2's e-business SCM solution in all environments - databases (Oracle), Unix (HP-UX) and Windows NT.
  • Automation of i2's e-business SCM implementation using perl scripting and various application technician tasks for Royal Scandinavia (Danish manufacturer of porcelain and glass), including customer training in perl and Citrix Winframe for use with i2 Demand Planner client.
  • Setting-up ROCE's internal i2 TradeMatrix SCM/SRM development environments including Active Datawarehouse, RhythmLink, Supply Chain Planner, Factory Planner, Demand Planner, Resource Collaboration Planner, Procurement Collaboration and Transportation Manager.
  • Development, organisation and provide (as Trainer/Teacher) several intensive trainings in the areas of relational databases, client-server architecture, web technologies, Unix and network concepts, etc.
  • Installation and administration of internal and external Internet services: sendmail, pop, firewall (Cisco based), dns, httpd (including java, php and oracle connectors), dhcp, web-based mail client, etc.

October 1999 - July 2000

Barlows Tractor Siberia Novosibirsk, Russia/Slough, UK
Information System Administrator
  • Design and development of "Call Report System" DB for Windows platform using Borland Builder C++ and MS SQL.
  • Design, organization and implementation of company's worldwide Virtual Private Network (VPN) between Slough/UK, Novosibirsk/RU, Johannesburg/ZA, Madrid/ES, Lisbon/PT, Cambridge/UK and Sofia/BG, using Frame-Relay and strong encryption on Cisco equipment.
  • Installation and administration of Internet services: sendmail, firewall/nat (Cisco based), dns, dhcp, proxy, pop etc.
  • Software and hardware regulation maintenance work (include branch's offices).

August 1996 - August 1999

The Industrial and Building Bank of Russia Novosibirsk, Russia
Senior UNIX/DB administrator, network and database designer
  • Design and development of various financial modules for the banking system.
  • Design of the communications part of the "Client-Bank" system on a three-level basis (Tuxedo, Oracle, TCP/IP, DES).
  • Development, installation and maintenance of the bank's intranet web-server: monitoring of communications channels/active bank equipment/of servers, etc.
  • Installation, configuration and administration of unix/db-servers in the bank.
  • Software and hardware regular maintenance work.
  • Design and assembly of the bank local and wide area networks.
  • Technical consulting and support services for the bank users.

October 1994 - August 1996

The Tveruniversal Bank Novosibirsk, Russia
Senior system administrator
  • Network design, installation and support.
  • End-users training and support.
  • Maintenance work on the information system and applied software.

November 1993 - October 1994

"Vikont" and "Komkon" companies Novosibirsk, Russia
Network specialist, system administrator
  • Networks design, installation and support.
  • Administration of local network servers.

July 1991 - August 1991

"KrasnoyarskGESstroy" design, construction and assembly corporation Cheremushki, Russia
CAD Engineer/Trainer
  • Prepared and provided (as a trainer) an intensive training in AutoCAD system for 'old-style' designers.
  • Design and development of the constructive elements databases (AutoLISP).

July 1990 - August 1990

Regional department of Industrial and Building Bank of USSR Novosibirsk, Russia
August 1988 - August 1989

Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station Cheremushki, Russia
Mainframe operator
  • Various operator's tasks with information (collection, preparation, input, etc).

  • Programming and scripting languages: perl (guru, 8+ years), C/C++ (master, 6+ years), SQL (expert, 9+ years), PL/SQL (expert, 8+ years), unix shell and scripting languages like csh, awk, sed, etc (expert, 8+ years), OIL (novice, 1+ year)
  • Databases: Oracle 7/8 (guru, 8+ years), MySQL (novice, 2+ years)
  • Web technologies: html (expert, 9+ years), php (master, 5+ years), css (master, 4+ years), java (novice, 3+ years)
  • Operational systems: Unix'es - Solaris, HP-UX, FreeBSD, Linux (guru, 9+ years), Windows NT/9x/2000 (expert, 7+ years)
  • Network: TCP/IP and related protocols (expert, 9+ years), firewalls/DMZ (expert, 6+ years), network concepts (expert, 9+ years)
  • Technologies and methods: relational databases, client-server solutions, object-oriented software methodologies, SCM/ERP/CRM/e-commerce solutions, data and systems integration, web technologies, version control systems, errors/problems troubleshooting, quality assurance, testing methodology, software specifications
  • Languages: Russian (native), English (fluent), German (basics), Swedish (basics)

September 1989 - February 1994
Novosibirsk State Technical University Novosibirsk, Russia
Major: Computer Since, Minor: Electrical Engineering.
Thesis: "Development a mathematical model for gathering and representing operative information in the Information-computing complex of the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station".

January 1997
Training Centre of the Bank Technologies in Moscow State Technical University Moscow, Russia
Completed coursework "ORACLE 7 System Administration in the Unix Shell".

October 2000
i2 Technologies Training Centre Brussels, Belgium
Completed coursework in i2's Rhythm Link 4.2 Basic and Advanced.

May 2002
Informatica Training Centre White Waltham, Berkshire, UK
Completed coursework in Informatica's PowerMart/PowerCenter 5.0.
Awarded as the best student of the course.

Resume in RTF ( 44K) and DOC ( 41K).