Sergei Plaxienko

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  My name is Sergei Plaxienko. I am currently looking for a permanent position in a reputable company as CIO.

  I have more than 14 years of practical experience in Information Technology. My core areas of expertise are Oracle and Unix systems. I have a strong technical background in a variety of platforms, environments and technologies. These include relational databases, systems integration software development, complex database programming for web technologies and Unix scripting languages.

  I have worked in Scandinavia on several large scale enterprise systems projects. Until July 2002, I worked for Nokia in Helsinki as a Senior Data Integration Consultant developing enterprise solutions with technologies like Oracle, Unix, Supply Chain Management systems from i2 Technologies, SAP R/3 and various user interfaces for enterprise integration. As an example, I designed and implemented a data transformation process for converting buyers' Demand Visibility from SAP R/3 system to i2's e-Procurement Collaboration Planner format using Unix shell scripting, Oracle SQL and PL/SQL coding.

  Additionally I have experience in training and consulting in the areas of relational databases, client-server architecture, web technologies, Unix and network concepts.

  Please find my CV/Resume for further details. If required I can provide references concerning my professional activities.

  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.